About Maslens Ltd

The Polished Concrete Flooring Specialists for London & Essex

Based in Chelmsford, in Essex, Maslens Ltd is a family-owned Polished Concrete Flooring business established in 1996; initially trained by LM Schofield in America to specialise in the concrete Dry Shake Power-float and overlay finish markets. Our expertise was further honed through training with Ardex in France and Germany, where we immersed ourselves in their designer Pandomo flooring systems.

As owner-operators, we possess an array of cutting-edge high-tech flow and mix pumps, ranging from M-Tec computer-operated to Brinkmans remote-controlled conveyors. Collaborating closely with industry leaders like DCP Cemflow, Ardex, Weber, Mapei, Actus while offering our clients an extensive selection of screeds and innovative finishing technologies.

Our portfolio of partnerships extends to renowned companies such as Mapei, Lafarge, DCP, Ardex etc all of which are renowned for their specialist products, characterized by high quality and innovation in their respective fields. At Maslens, we strive to stay at the forefront of the cementitious and polymer Cement overlay systems offering a one-off design product service for our clients.

Investing significantly, we now own and operate HTC/Husqvarna Diamond polishing remote-controlled machinery and cutting-edge equipment, complemented by dust-free vacuum facilities. Maslens has mastered the art of finishing existing concretes and, creating our own distinct designer cementitious coloured aggregated overlay floors.