Resin stitching for cracks.  Full blasted/scabble/grinding complete substrate strengthening and preparation services


Resin DPM/Acrylic primers

Floor Screeds

Cementitious flow screeds, anhydrite hemi anhydrite, turbo anhydrite, low laitance systems, Alpha screeds, flexible renovation fibre screeds, industrial base screeds and resin screeds 20-300mm.

Toppings, Finishes and Polished Concrete Flooring Overlays

PU/Epoxy interior and exterior MMA anti slip /Car park resin Finishes, industrial cementitious coloured or natural finishes and stone effect granite thin sets 3-15mm.

Coatings/Diamond Polishes: Thick set designer polished concrete/ Granite.

Wax seals, Litho chrome seals, Acid Etch, Logo Designs, Acrylic wax polishes, Satin seals, Patina/Shade work, full restoring systems for floor rescue services and twister polishing.

HTC Super floors

Maslens Polished Concrete offer HTC Diamond polishing and full dust free vacuum facilities Saw cuts and crack inducing.

Polished Concrete Flooring and Related Companies

Maslens Polished Concrete London also work closely with the following companies and can offer other types of floor finishes, either direct or in partnership:

J Fitch Ltd:
National Flooring
A&P Webb
Steyson Granolithic Contractors