Polished Concrete Floor in Kensington

Pelham Street Store, London

Discover the transformative journey of the Pelham Street Store in South Kensington, London. What began as a tired, cracked, and mismatched floor soon blossomed into a stunning showcase of modern elegance, all thanks to Maslens Ltd and their expertise with polished concrete flooring overlays.

Tasked with revitalising the worn-out retail floor, Maslens Ltd embarked on a meticulous process. First, they reinforced the substrate with fibreglass and epoxy, ensuring a sturdy foundation. Next came the intricate preparation work, from cutting new floor chases for services to repairing damages and infilling cracks. It’s the unseen groundwork that sets the stage for the spectacular finish.

Yet, amidst the hustle, disaster struck on day two—a sudden flood from a broken pipe threatened to derail the project. Swift action was imperative. Maslens Ltd sprang into action, swiftly removing the water and meticulously drying the area. Remarkably, the epoxy primers acted as a barrier, safeguarding not just the day’s work but also the basement below from water damage. Crisis averted, thanks to meticulous planning and expert execution.

Undeterred by challenges, Maslens Ltd pressed on, pouring and perfecting the polished concrete overlay. Every detail meticulously crafted, even forming steps seamlessly within the overlay product. The result? A flawless floor that exceeded expectations, leaving both client and shop fitter delighted. From adversity to triumph, Pelham Street Store stands as a testament to the transformative power of polished concrete overlays. Experience the difference with Maslens Ltd today.

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