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Kitchen Flooring, Bromley, Kent

The Walling’s, Chislehurst, Bromley.

This concrete kitchen flooring project in Kent consists of 82 m2 10mm thick Ardex PCT 4 polished concrete over an underfloor heated screeded base.

We pigmented the floor slate black with Cementone and installed brass strips. Once laid to 12mm we then 7 stage Diamond polished and ground the floor flush and flat to the brass, black grouted any aggregate pops, densified then shield sealed the floor with 2 coats of Fila MP90 Eco extreme, Applied 3 coats of Fila satin wax and buff polished to the finish we see in the pictures.

The project was completed start to finish in 13 days as we had to contend with extreme weather conditions and other trades all working in and around our areas in a mad rush to get the project completed.

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Polished Concrete Kitchen Floor