3. Polished Concrete, Drury Lane London

Caravan Restaurant, Drury Lane London

Maslens polished concrete specialists worked with the architects to design an ARDEX PCT 4 aggregate mixed, Sandy coloured pigmented polished concrete floor system which we installed over a floating cement board fixed to the existing raised access floor.

We incorporated fibre mesh reinforcement and a 2-coat epoxy full blinded quartz broadcast. The floor area of 110m2 was installed in one day with no expansion joints as they are not required with this non-crack polished concrete flooring system.

We returned after two days to commence the grinding down and polishing of the 15mm thick concrete overlay system, exposing and diamond polishing the stones within the PCT4 pigmented mixture.

The floor was then grouted with a White flecked DCP product, sealed with a penetrative sprayable liquid seal, followed by an application of 3 coats clear wax, then rotary burnished. We call this a thin set concrete random Terrazzo finish.

It is extremely hard wearing with many variations of base colour or aggregate/glass beads being available for incorporation into such a stunning floor finish.

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